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Acrylic Rendering Adelaide


If you’re looking to give your home an update with an exterior finish that is not only attractive but durable, acrylic rendering by Rendering Adelaide is perfect for you!


Our team has over 15 years of industry experience in providing Adelaide homes with the best home acrylic rendering solutions on the market. Our highly skilled team know exactly what it takes to create a home exterior that stands out for all the right reasons!


What is Acrylic Rendering?


Acrylic render is a type of render that uses acrylic, a variety of plastic, in the mix. Acrylic rendering results in a product that is much stronger and more flexible than a traditional rendering mix, meaning it is less likely to crack after application.


Suitable for architectural rendering and patching applications over most materials including bricks, concrete services, hebel blocks and panels, fibre cement and painted surfaces.


To ensure the highest quality finish our team applies a minimum of two coats of render to each project, ensuring a result that not only performs well but will exceed your expectations.

Advantages of Acrylic Rendering with Rendering Adelaide

Strong and Lasting Power

Due to the flexibility of our acrylic rendering, it offers a strong, lasting power. This natural flexibility protects buildings and walls from cracking as well as other damage that may occur on your walls over time. Our acrylic rendering also proves to adhere to a multitude of building surfaces.  

Giving Options

When choosing to improve your home or commercial property with acrylic rendering we give our clients the option of having a smooth or textured finish in an array of colours, so they can create something that is true to their design vision.

Protect Your Home

Choosing to render your home can also save you and your family an array of structural problems further down the track. Rendering allows the materials beneath the render to dry out at a quicker rate without allowing moisture in, guarding you against the worry of potential fungus and bacteria problems.

Other Rendering Adelaide Benefits:


  •    Superior resistance to abrasion
  •    Flatter, smoother, high-quality finish
  •    Excellent weather resistance
  •    Commercial and residential rendering solutions
  •    No job is too big, or too small
  •    Honest reliable and trustworthy
  •    Locally owned and operated


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