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Cement Rendering Adelaide


Cement rendering can be the perfect way to change your home’s appearance with an appearance that is not only cosmetically pleasing but proves to hold strong durability in the Australian landscape.


The Rendering Adelaide team has, knowledge and skill in transforming Adelaide homes into something that not only looks fantastic but also holds an abundance of hidden benefits. Our team will work with you on your cement rendering project to ensure that your design vision comes to life with minimum fuss!


What is Cement Rendering by Rendering Adelaide?


Cement rendering involves the application of a pre-mixed layer of sand and cement to various exterior wall materials such as cement, stone, brick or mud brick. Our clients often choose to texturize, colour or paint the finish to create a look that sets their Adelaide homes apart from the rest.


Advantages of Cement Rendering with Rendering Adelaide

Cosmetically Appealing

Applying cement render to your home’s exterior can completely transform your property’s look and feel. For example, applying a coarse and texturised render can help resemble a Southern European look. Otherwise, those of you with a contemporary property may wish to consider applying a smooth cement render to complement your build perfectly.

Durable Finish

Many homeowners can tend to overlook the exterior walls of their property, even though these are the parts of the home that are regularly exposed to the harsh Australian weather conditions all year round. Cement rendering is a fantastic way to provide your exterior walls with extra protection from harsh climatic conditions.

Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When it comes to texture coating with cement, not many people understand that there are also energy efficient benefits that are also associated. By applying render, you are inadvertently creating an additional layer of home insulation. As a result, your home will remain comfortable all year round, as well as reducing your energy bill.

Bring us your design vision, and we’ll bring it to life!


Generally speaking, cement rendering is left to the exterior of a home. However, it can be used on interior walls to create a stunning feature within the home. Depending on the interior or exterior look you are going for we offer our rendering solutions in a number of options such as: fine or coarse, textured or smooth, coloured or natural, pigmented or painted.


While rendering is presented differently all over the world, we pride ourselves on being able to create whatever rendering style you wish to achieve. Perhaps you are after contemporary charcoal hues, or maybe you’re looking to recreate the feel of a Spanish villa with creams and burnt oranges; whatever your design vision is we can help you achieve it.


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